Spring Series Race #3 – Recap by Impromptu

The Spring Series Race 3 was the first race due to the previous two being cancelled and took place under ideal weather conditions with a steady wind speed of 12 knots out of the Southwest and an incoming tide. The C fleet course was 23, 19, 17, and HB—while the A and B fleet course was 22, 19, 17—followed by the HB mark.   The C fleet race witnessed an interesting dynamic during the start of the race. Among the four boats participating in the C fleet, two boats opted to start on a port tack, while the remaining two boats chose to start on a starboard tack. One of the port tack boats had to dip, but the other boat crossed a starboard boat successfully.  B fleet, as a result, took a more conservative approach and all started on starboard.  As B fleet rounded mark 22 A fleet was following right behind so A and B mixed it up during the leg to mark 19, continuing the jostling up to 17 and into the finish.  The anticipated shouting and calls for buoy room at 19 and 17 were heard echoing across the bay.  The fleet would have been a colorful display to observers as many boats hoisted asyms for legs 2 and 3.  Several boats, names being withheld, broached around mark 19 and others experienced difficulties, at mark 17, with dousing the asym or raising the jib.  The position of the finish line forced discussions of the favored end and when to tack after mark 17.  There was no agreement, evidenced by boats finishing at the buoy and committee boat and split on port/starboard tacks.  The committee boat did a great job in choosing the courses and all fleets finished with enough time to get back to shore before the crew got too cold.    

Submitted by Lew Marten of Impromptu

Race 3 Results