Protests must be submitted per the Sailing Instructions of the particular race or series.

US Sailing Protest Form

  • All valid protests received by HBR will be submitted to a US Sailing Judge or Judges for a hearing.
    • To prevent a conflict of interest, HBR does not hear protests directly.
    • HBR Board members may request to sit in on your protest hearing.
    • With each parties permission, HBR may elect to provide an independent write-up of the protest for educational purposes to the fleet.
  • If you have filed a protest, please make sure you’ve received confirmation of receipt of your protest from HBR.
  • To prepare for your hearing, please make sure you’ve reviewed the Racing Rules of Sailing as it pertains to your protest and that, when available, you’ve brought witnesses of the event to support your protest.
  • HBR will work with the parties of the protest and the judge to schedule the hearing as soon as possible after the event with considerations for each parties availability. Hearings may be heard in person or via zoom.