Hingham Bay Racing races under the ORR-Ez rating rule

Apply or Renew your New England ORR-Ez Certificate here!

HBR Members requiring sail measurments, please email: [email protected]

ORR-Ez is a VPP rule which uses boat manufacturers hull files to establish each boats base rating which is then adjusted based on self-reported sails and other relevant criteria.

While ORR-Ez does not require your boat to be measured, if your boat has undergone modification to the hull, spars, foils or any other area which would chage the data from the manufacturers hull file, you should arrange to have your boat measured for the most accurate rating to be applied. 

If your boat is a one-off, or custom build, and does not already have an ORR or ORR-Ez rating certificate, please reach out to the Northeast ORR-Ez representative to have your boat hull file established.