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2024 HBR - RC Duty Schedule, Roles & Responsibilities

Race Committee Duty

Several seasons ago we changed our Race Committee model to the use of a Principal Race Officer (PRO) to improve consistency in race management for both our Wednesday night and weekend events. However, it is an important experience for competitors to take part in a race from the perspective of the Race Committee boat, and our PRO needs crew to help with race management. Presently our PROs are Dave Curry & Bill Bradford, and we use the Hull Yacht Club’s Harbinger as the RC platform.

When it is your turn to provide RC Duties, your boat is expected to provide three crew[1] to assist the PRO. RC crew will be asked to help set the start line, help with course selection, help with boat check-in, raise and lower flags during the start sequence, sight the line during starts, confer with the PRO about potentially shortening course, and to record finish times. If for any reason you will have difficulty fulfilling your RC obligation, contact [email protected] as early as possible so that we may shuffle the schedule. Crews will be asked to meet the PRO at the Hull Yacht Club no later than 5:15pm to get out to the course early to get set up. It is required that you bring food and drinks to share with the PRO, and a prize will be awarded to the boat that provides the best menu each season.

When your boat serves its RC duties, your boat will be scored for that race with the average number of points for all other races in the series. Throw-outs are used in this calculation. However, if you are able to provide a suitable crew to assist with RC, you or your regular crew may sail your boat on your RC night the results of which will be scored for the series.

[1] Three crew are required, no more, no less. Exceptions may be requested to [email protected] at least 48 hours prior to your RC day.