Summer Series – Notices

As many of you are aware, Massachusetts has been revising the guidelines which apply to Sailing and the number of crew members allowed to race. For the time being, and until further notice, Hingham Bay Racing will continue to institute a 3-person maximum per boat. We are doing our best to keep up with the guidelines and we will hopefully be offering fully crewed racing soon. We appreciate everyone’s compliance with the 3-person limit until that time.  

Additionally, as per my previous notice, the Wednesday night Course List has been changed for the 2020 season. The updated Course List can be found here on Regattaman. NOTE: The assigned course numbers are not the same as they were in the past. This change was a result of reducing the number of courses and increasing the RC’s ability to set their own course. Courses have been re-numbered as follows:

2020 Course #Former Course #

Also, we are working to have the scoring setup asap so as to be able to post the race results. With the changing ratings for COVID-19, we have had more backend challenges than usual. We hope to have this all squared away by next week.

Lastly, Hingham YC has opened registration for the Hitchcock Trophy on August 15th under full crew. This is a MBSA & HB Racing Qualifier and the cost of registration is included in HB Racing Season & Weekend Passes. Register here today!

See you on the water!